Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Andrew Moulden: Even More Quackery

I have discussed Andy Moulden at few times in the past (see here and here), but considering the number of visits these pages receive in any given week I felt it was my moral obligation to share a bit more about Mr. Moulden and his "miracle treatments". 

The following information was taken directly from Moulden's "brainguard" website before he took it down (or perhaps before he was forced to take it down).

Originally found at: (website no longer available):

Due to the overwhelming response to our services, we will not be able to offer these services for free anymore. There are certain costs associated with diagnosing people who have neurological damage, and we need to be able to cover these expenses. For those that have already received our services please comment on our Brain Blog, so others know that we know the who what why and when your child has been affected.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Dr Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD
As you may already know if you have read the previous posts about Moulden, his "services" include performing diagnoses on patients based upon a cursory review of photographs and/or videotape.  Now I'm not suggesting that anyone should work for free, but if you are going to charge for a service, it stands to reason the service you are charging for should be legitimate, and diagnosing neurological disorders from afar based upon nothing other than a photograph is far from legitimate.  Is there really any wonder why Moulden was shut down?

It gets even better however.  Care to take a guess on what Moulden was charging for his "services"?  Fear not as there is no need to guess.  Moulden actually disclosed the fees right on his website:

$416 for the basic analysis of 2 videos and 4 photos, i.e a form email reply.

Forensic Proof Causation
Limited Medical review and direct phone contact, history with an M.D.
$2500 CDN

Help FIX My Vaccine Injured Brain
Limited Medical review and direct phone contact, history with an M.D.
- If we don't help "fix" the problem you don't pay
- Includes before/after scanning and assessment to document and quantify intervention success.
- Voluntary services 100% Biocompatible (no synthetic drugs)!
$5000 CDN

EMERGENCY BrainGuard Scanning
Continuous Streaming Video BrainGuard Scanning
$10,000 CDN
So basically the fees range from a bit over $400 for Moulden to glance at a child's pictures or video, to $10,000 Canadian to perform an "EMERGENCY" BrainGuard Scan.  You know that must be worth it though, because he took the time to ensure the term "EMERGENCY" was written in all caps.

I have to wonder how many people fell for this little sales pitch and how much money Moulden actually made before he was shut down by the Canadian government.  It seems not only is he using unconfirmed diagnostic tools that he appears to have invented himself, and that he is diagnosing children with ailments he has also invented himself, but it also seems as if he was attempting to practice medicine without a license. 

Of course the fun doesn't end there.  On top of the fees disclosed above, Moulden was also engaging in what can only be described as a real-estate scam.  Moulden was pushing people from his website to buy what he labeled an "AMassNetwork IMAM-12 membership".  This additional membership was required before any BrainGuard services could be ordered, so I assume the cost for this membership would be in addition to the costs disclosed above.  The only place to get the membership was at another one of Moulden's websites ( which like his other websites is no longer available) however I was unable to locate any information on what this membeship would cost.

Moulden did however share this little gem:
IMAM-12 membership entitles you for up to 1% (buy/sell) off real estate sales brokers fees across more than 40 countries (this equates to $3000 on a 300,000 property).
I would love to explain the relationship between neurological disorders, snakeoil medical treatments, and discounts on real estate broker fees.... but honestly I have no idea what the connection would be.  This would equate to a Cardiologist telling you that if you undergo a cardiac stress test in their office you will be entitled to $8 off an oil change at any Toyota dealership.  There just isn't any relation between the two offers and any self proclaimed "doctor" who uses such sales gimicks should be ashamed of themselves.

Then again, if these people were capable of shame, websites and unscientific claims such as these wouldn't exist in the first place.


  1. Really fine of you to still want revenge for the beating you took when his website was up now some over 2 years ago on the Argus. You could respond to nothing as to the information on that tolerance lost site then, other than to do always repeat false character assassinations of any opposition to the false CDC mantra. How would anyone verify anything you have stated here, when there is not site there now for that long?

    Dr. Moulden and his site was never shut down by the Canadian gov't. He was shut down by a certain persons system and a network of hackers, etc. that killed two people that were close to him; with continued threats. That's how it works; and black hat hackers have ways to access and accept allot of money from the medical side to do what they do. How do I know; that person called me and told me; and it was as well verified.

    You are aware that there was not one single medical professional nor child neurologist that could dispute Moulden's findings which were as well based on the accepted brain science and terminology that Moulden was clearly well trained in. You never attended any of his seminars, and you have never actually addressed his work specifically nor explained it away. Nor have as said any medical so called professional in any field, whatsoever. They were all simply stunned by it. You can't refute any of it now, nor could you then; nor the actual science he used to verify his claims. 5000 picture images you never could explain away as to the Argus replies you made; not then and not now. Those picture images and videos are still up on youtube if you want to review it. Why have you not referred to any of that information here? Answer; because you would look like a complete fool and you know it. You as always can't lie with the evidence in front of you.

    I as well never at that time seen any evidence that acceptance of any real estate deal was contingent to having your child evaluated. You can make up anything you want at this point, and you know it. Where is your screen shot of the former site?

    Just like your previous blog page on Jenny McCarthy; every damn word of your said claims in regard to her son Evan, have been repeatedly refuted by me and you know it. You cold hearted, very sick and repeatedly and knowingly lying bastard! There is no end to your lies, misinformation and as well very sick and intentionally clueless deception. How do you even begin to live with the less than human garbage you put out in this blog??? That is some entirely AMAZING evil and sickness. Actually its near to baffling as to what drives your kind of illness and as to what you are made of and why. None of it actually has been deserving of any response, and you know it.

  2. There is no revenge Mr. Hubbs, I'm merely stating the facts. I know you like to think you are smarter than everyone who diagrees with you... and that is fine. You are entitled to your opinion, but considering you have zero science to back up your claims I'm not too concerned.

    Same holds true for Moulden. You can claim nobody has "refuted" him, but we have discussed this concept countless times in the past. I can tell you I have $12 Billion in gold coins stored in my basement. I guess based upon your logic it must be true because nobody has refuted it.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but you don't get to make the rules of logic, and the rules dictate if someone is going to make a claim they must actually prove it. Moulden has never done that, and no amount of excuses will change that fact. He has no peer reviewed science to support his views and as far as I know he doesn't even have any other researchers or scientists supporting his claims.

    He does have a few conspiracy theorists such as yourself defending himself though... for whatever that is worth. You can claim his plethora of websites were brought down by "black hat hackers" all you wish, but that doesn't explain why they have been missing for almost two years. Are you seriously dumb enough to think he would just walk away if his websites were actually hacked? Are you seriously ignorant enough to think he wouldn't speak out about this? Are you naive enough to think a hacker would allow his YouTube rants to stay up while taking down everything else?

    I find it hard to believe even you believe half of what you type Mr. Hubbs. You are either very ignorant, or you are very confused. Either way I find it humorous.

    The simple truth is when someone runs around practicing medicine without an actual medical license the government tends to frown upon it. When they make bold claims about being able to diagnose or even cure people with no evidence to support their concepts it gets even worse. That is the reason Moulden no longer has a website - it has nothing to do with hackers.

    Or maybe he is just taking some time off to try and actually finish his residency so he can be a real doctor?

    Nah... we both know that will never happen. He tried for several years and wasn't able to even get close and at this point based upon his deceiving past I'm doubtful anyone in Canada would even admit him to their program. I guess when you reject science... science will reject you. Seems fair to me.

    As to my blog not deserving a response... so be it. I won't care one bit if you never respond, yet for a guy who claims it is undeserving of a response, it sure seems that you provide one on a regular basis. You realize the post about Moulden had nothing to do with you right Mr. Hubbs? If Moulden feels like responding to it I'd be more than glad to engage him, but I honestly don't expect to hear from him considering he is probably too busy lining up speaking engagements to scared parents and conspiracy theorists.

    A guy has to pay the bills right Mr. Hubbs?

  3. Sorry Mr. Hubbs - you clearly still do not understand what "burden of proof" means. I'm not about to waste any more of my time trying to explain it to you, but the fact remains until Moulden proves his wild claims... there is nothing to discuss.

    I know he comes out and makes a claim of what is coming in the future about once every six months... but nothing ever comes. Sounds a lot like the other Andy we know of - Andy Wakefield. They are both full of a lot of promises of what they are going to "prove" next year or the year after that, but none of those promises are ever fulfilled.

    What more could we really expect from liars? The only thing more idiotic than these fraudsters is the fact there are morons like yourself who actually trust and believe them.


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