Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is Lowell Hubbs' "" Anti-Vaccination Website Gone?

You may recall back in June 2011 that Lowell Hubbs' personal website "" was taken down.  At the time it appeared it was a takedown notice from ICE - Homeland Security, but Mr. Hubbs later claimed it was merely a prank instigated by hackers.

Soon thereafter, Mr. Hubbs started a new website and the old "" website was never active again.  The new website is ironically called and was essentially a dumping ground for anything and everything that Hubbs collected from his hours on various anti-vaccination websites.  Think of it as a place where someone would paste paragraphs of random vaccine conspiracy theories, links to antivaxxer websites, images, YouTube videos, and piles of other antivaxxer nonsense in no particular order which made it entirely useless to anyone other than Hubbs himself - and you pretty much have an idea of what the website is (or perhaps was).

So fast forward to present day and once again Mr. Hubbs appears to be having difficulties with his website.  If you try to visit the website today, this is what you see:

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I would guess this is simply a matter of Mr. Hubbs failing to pay his annual fee for hosting his website, but who really knows.  Even though it appears entirely harmless, something tells me we will be hearing a myriad of excuses and conspiracy theories from Hubbs as he claims "black hat hackers" were responsible for his website disappearing.

Oh well - at least he still has Facebook!


  1. Are 'they' still 'hacking' him again?

    More than likely he left himself logged in on Facebook at the public library.

  2. I don't think Mr. Hubbs has to go to the library anymore. I believe he was banned from the library on the Sanford Campus (for what exactly I am unsure), and the public library is closed during the hours he tends to submit his many comments so he probably decided it was time to get a computer of his very own that he could protect with his super-secret password of "VACCINEWARRIOR".

    I would guess as soon as he pays his hosting fees his silly website will be back up and running, but who really knows.

  3. You sure wasted a lot of time making a pointless page again about nothing, Mr Editor. Insinuations without any merit, accusations that are false and without any merit, nor cause, nor reason. You are a piece of work. You simply and obviously must insist on making yourself into a repeat fool; looking again and again as looney as you in fact are.

    ICE/ Homeland security by the way never took anything down as to that previous site. you know that but any insinuation to a flat out lie will work you you, right. It was as a fact a hacked spoof, and if you remember the feds made a statement that they were not connected to it.

    As for the site, that really isn't any of your mindlessly obsessed with me for over three years business, to start with. There were simply some formatting issues using square space that couldn't seem to get corrected so it was let go, and the site will be moved to another provider at a later time. I simply do not have the time to mess with it currently. So, now that you know, I am sure you can concoct some new accusation speculation that fits your half baked and dumb agenda.

    Do you know that you even have a bunch of people at Sanford that think you are an idiot, and for what you doing; and they disagree with it? Inside information.

    What kind of motivation drives a man to be that abscessed with another person for 3 years? So, obsessed that you literally can't stop making personal attacks on that person for that length of time? You don't find yourself to b obsessed. Why would that be?

  4. Mr. Hubbs you comment is just as long as the original blog post, so if this is so pointless why did you bother responding?

    The truth is I'd love to believe you that your previous website issues were due to a "hacked spoof", but the fact is you simply aren't trustworthy so I can't take your word for it. I just found it interesting that you abandoned that website and it was never active after that incident... so maybe there is more to the story than what you are willing to admit.

    As to your latest website, formatting issues were the least of your issues - but whatever excuse you wish to use is fine.

    Now about Sanford, I don't see what this blog has to do with them other than the few references to where you claimed the CEO was out to get you, or where you admitted you were banned from their campus, or where you claimed they were somehow involved in some conspiracy against you.

    Something tells me you aren't exactly on speaking terms with anyone associated with Sanford, so I won't give much credibility to your words. The truth is, I sincerely doubt anyone from Sanford even knows this blog exists, but if they do I'm flattered they would take the time to read it.

    By the way Mr. Hubbs... this isn't a personal attack. Nothing I've said about you is untrue, and it is merely reporting the facts. If you don't like the truth and if you consider it to be an attack against you, I'd suggest you might consider modifying your behavior. If you really want to talk about being obsessed, ask yourself why you feel the need to post hundreds upon hundreds of comments to this blog rather than simply ignoring it, or why you feel the need to post dozens of comments to any article you can find that relates to vaccines while trying to drown out opposing viewpoints, or why you are trying to post comments at all hours of the day and night as if you have no other hobbies to occupy your time.

    Obsessed indeed.

  5. He doesn't have the time to mess with it?

    He doesn't have the knowledge to mess with it, is more likely the problem. Stupid is as stupid does; words Lowell lives by.

  6. It looks like Lowell is having some landlord issues:

    And for more reassurance of his sickening obsession with children, he went as far as to list LS Magazine as his employer!

    FYI, you must be logged into Facebook to view his "Info" page:

    Ref: Wikipedia article of the 2004 Child Pornography raids listing LS Magazine as a manufacturer and distributor of child porn media:

  7. I honestly have no idea what to even say about that. Not only does it seem Mr. Hubbs is being evicted from his residence (for whatever reason), but he also claims they have been trying to serve him paperwork on a "civil matter".

    Does this mean more legal trouble for Mr. Hubbs? Sure seems like it.

    The information on his page from LS Magazine is simply troubling. I'm not sure that is supposed to be a joke or what, but Mr. Hubbs has posted at least half a dozen times to his facebook page within the past 10 hours and he has made no effort to remove that nor has he complained about "black hat hackers" messing with his facebook page. Apparently he is perfectly fine with associating himself with that type of industry, which is actually more disturbing than his views on vaccines.


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