Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lowell Hubbs: Making Friends Wherever He Goes

If you waste more than two minutes of your life interacting with Lowell Hubbs you will soon realize that he believes he is some sort of messenger or warrior of truth.  In fact, many of Mr. Hubbs various usernames involve some form of these terms including the names "TruthStorm", "TruthEducation", and "Anti Vax Warrior" among others.  Although Mr. Hubbs has no formal training to education in any medical, scientific, or related field, and although he has never participated in or contributed to any clinical studies or research papers, he still feels he is the only person on the planet who has a grasp on subjects like vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and the root cause of cancer.

Therefore, it stands to reason that someone of Mr. Hubbs' "character" would feel the need to spread his vast amount of knowledge (sarcasm intended) to others at any opportunity he can find.  Most recently, Mr. Hubbs has discovered the commentary site Huffington Post which is well known for publishing articles by Jenny McCarthy along with any other anti-vaccine claptrap they can find.  Because of the well known viewpoints of the website, one would think Mr. Hubbs would fit right in - yet that hasn't been the case.

Rest assured Mr. Hubbs did go out of his way to post on any anti-vaccine story he could find and he offered some fantastic quotes that tell us more about him.  My personal favorite was the following which was posted by Mr. Hubbs in late February:

Yes you read that correctly.  Mr. Hubbs actually made a statement  complaining others haven't review his "work", as if to suggest he has actually produced something that could be considered "work".  Apparently in the disturbed mind of Lowell Hubbs, collecting links to anti-vaccine websites mixed in with the occasional YouTube video or quote from someone who claims there is a link between vaccines and autism and dumping all of this nonsense onto your own website (essentially doing nothing more than aggregating the data from multiple sources into one) is the equivalent of producing an end result... or in his simple terms it equates to "work".

Aside from the sheer nonsense involved in this line of thinking, as it turns out even in an anti-vaccine stronghold such as HuffPo, Mr. Hubbs was still seen as a moron and the comments posted in reference to his identified flaws in his logic as well as mocked him for his lack of understanding of the issues.  True to form, Mr. Hubbs immediately jumped on the defensive and resorted to his standard tactic of claiming "nothing would be enough" and that he has adequate proof for his claims (even though he is never actually able to provide it from the unbiased sources he pretends exist).

In fact as he so often does, Mr. Hubbs fired of no less than a dozen different comments on that one very same article all in defense of his anti-vaccine stance and including references to Andrew Wakefield, Andy Moulden, the misconception that the Amish don't suffer from autism, and even statements about Jenny McCarthy's son having his autism "cured" by biomedical treatment (even though doctors have openly stated McCarthy's son never had autism in the first place).

Even in one of the most well known anti-vaccine commentary sites on the Internet, Mr. Hubbs nonsense was simply too silly to ignore and soon enough there were other posters coming out of the woodwork to challenge his claims and show him for what he is... a vaccine conspiracy theorist with no education or training and a complete misunderstanding of the issues.

Obviously this upset Mr. Hubbs greatly which resulted in him lashing out as his critics rather than offering legitimate science to support his views.  Ignoring the fact that Mr. Hubbs seems to direct the same language and tired lines at anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with him (as has been displayed within the comments on this very blog countless times), in the end even the people at HuffPo couldn't deal with his idiocy and Mr. Hubbs found his account removed and his right to comment suspended within one month of originally registering.  In fact, if you search for Mr. Hubbs' profile today it cannot be found as it no longer exists.  Case in point:

So if a person is so far off the logic scale that their anti-vaccine rhetoric cannot even be welcomed in an anti-vaccine stronghold, what does that tell us?  How can someone actually get themselves kicked off of a website known for promoting the concept of vaccines being harmful in under a month?  The fact is, even those who have doubts about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines don't want to be associated with a conspiracy theorist nor do they want to deal with someone who is unable to debate a topic on a rational level without resorting to red herrings, ad hominems, or practically every other logical fallacy known to man.

Perhaps one day Mr. Hubbs will learn, but I wouldn't count on it.  I would be willing to bet he has already registered a new username on HuffPo with the hopes that he can slip through the moderators and start his process all over again.  Instead of objectively looking at the reasons on why his messages haven't been so well received, or instead of trying to address his flaws and present his information in a well thought out, articulate, and polite manner, Mr. Hubbs will simply blame those around him for trying to suppress his message and once again return to his pattern of labeling those around him as "sheeple" and "uninformed".

As Alanis Morisette once said:  Isn't it ironic?

Update 03/27/11:  Mr. Hubbs has responded and claims nobody suspended or removed his account.  Instead he claims he removed the account himself because he "did not care to have [his] facebook picture and account exposed on the google listing for that article".  I really don't know if I follow that logic since a Google search of "Lowell Hubbs" will still return links to numerous anti-vaccination websites (this very blog is listed as the top three results by the way) including references to Wakefield, and Mr. Hubbs own website lists the same sad excuses and attempted statements in defense of Wakefield, so I'm not sure what pulling his Huffington Post account down would actually accomplish when the same statements are found elsewhere.

Also, Mr. Hubbs has never been the type to actually walk away from a debate, as we have seen countless times before he just continues to cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste time and time again and the only reason he ever stops is when the forum or article he is commenting on is closed or removed.  However, in the interest of full disclosure I felt it was necessary to at least offer Mr. Hubbs' version of events even if I'm not totally convinced he is being honest about the situation.


  1. I thought his letters to the editor of the Argus were bad enough, but now that I have come to know the type of man he is it sort of makes sense.

    Keep in mind you can't win an argument with a moron. They will try to drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Lowell K. Hubbs is proof positive of that much. The man obviously doesn't have a clue about the world around him and just accepts the word of fools at face value with no ability to separate fact from fiction.

  2. Oh Mr. Hubbs... your silly accusations and ramblings only serve to ammuse me. You have quite an imagination, but posting under someone elses name doesn't actually hide your true identity.

    Such a fool. You're still banned though, so no matter what name you try to use I'm not posting your idiocy.

  3. Three more comments from Mr. Hubbs, three more comments rejected. At least you used your real name for one out of the three this time. Nice going chief.

    I must say though Lowell, your rants are getting increasingly pathetic. I don't even know the people you are ranting about nor do I have any idea what some idiotic sex ring has to do with vaccines, but then again I'll probably never understand the mind of a madman.

    Take your conspiracy nonsense elsewhere Mr. Hubbs... it won't be published here. Feel free to let me know when you get some real science linking vaccines to autism. Until then you are only wasting time. Nice to know that you are spending so much time here on a daily basis though... guess we struck a nerve.

  4. Couldnt tell the truth here either could you, and the real truth. Even after you were told the truth that the Huffington Post profile was pulled down only by me, and that there are no other blogs nor sites I have been banned from, and you know it. When you were challenged to provide a list of those, you couldn't do it nor provide any honest evidence to support your claims. Just one page of slander after another, is all that goes on here. If and when your identity is found, you will be sued.

  5. I will agree that is what you said Mr. Hubbs, I just don't know if I believe it. Either way you obviously failed to read the update from 3/27 which was added in the blog post above where I explained your version of events.

    However if you are going to threaten to sue me, perhaps I'll just start ignoring all of your comments and won't bother to give you the ability to offer your version in the future. Then again... pretty hard to sue me when you can't prove anything I have said is incorrect.

    The truth sometimes hurts doesn't it Mr. Hubbs?

  6. By the way Mr. Hubbs, I suspect you need to look up the term "slander" in the dictionary. It doesn't mean what you thinks it means.

    What I suspect you do mean is libel. However to prove libel, you need to prove three things.

    Number one, you need to prove the statement made (in this case as statement on this blog) is false. That would be rather difficult to do considering most of what is here is quoted directly from your comments made on the blog, comments you made elsewhere, or my own opinion on those statements. Opinion is not libel in case you are curious.

    Second, you need to prove that the statement caused harm. For a non-professional or non-celebrity etc, this is difficult, because a regular layperson rarely has an established reputation, and in your case Mr. Hubbs the reputation you do have is quite clear based upon your criminal record and various conspiracies found on your websites etc. Thus even if you could prove a statement was false - and prove it was made in error, you would never be able to prove it caused you harm.

    Third, you would need to prove that the statement is made without adequate attempts to prove the truthfulness of the statement. In this case it would require you to know what research was done, because assumption doesn't qualify. If the statement was made based upon comments left by you or based upon internet postings elsewhere with a reasonable expectation of the intent, there is no such claim to libel.

    Long story short, you would have difficulty proving one of the three criteria and would never meet all three. Not to mention there is doubt whether any self-respecting lawyer would touch you with a 10 foot pole.

    I do dare you to try to sue me however - and when you do sue me I'll go ahead and counter-sue you for defamation since you have accused me of illegal activity on numerous occasions none of which is even remotely true. I'll also contact Kelby Krabbenhoft to see if he is interested in suing you for defamation since you have accused him of hiring people to "take you out" including hitmen and hackers.

    With all of your accusations of me hacking you or paying others to harm you or being involved with your friend Harley, I'd say I have more than enough to make your life difficult (and earn a tidy financial reward as well).

    However now that you mention it, weren't you banned from commenting on the Medically Mind Numbing blog? So there is at least one more blog you have been banned from, and I'm sure there are more not that it really matters. Of course you have been suspended from commenting on this blog several times due to your antics, and you have a history of registering multiple usernames which suggests at least a few of them have been banned.

    How about the Argus Leader, are you saying your old Wildman440 account is still active? How about all of your other Argus accounts - all of them are active too?

    Just remember Mr. Hubbs... if you are going to play with the big dogs, you need to learn to pee in the tall grass. Bye bye now.


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