Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reuters: Indiana Has 13 Cases of Measles as Vaccinations Decline

Thanks to antivaccinationists like Lowell Hubbs, preventable diseases like measles continue to be a problem because antivaxers are incapable of picking up a history book and reading about how we used to lose thousands of lives every year due to them, nor do they bother to learn about the thousands more that developed disabilities as a result of these diseases.

Instead, antivaxers like Mr. Hubbs claim vaccinations are harmful or that they cause autism even though there is zero scientific evidence to support that wild theory.  There are no clinical trials indicating it to be true, there are no medical or scientific studies, and there is not one single piece of peer reviewed, published research in any reputable medical journal worldwide which has so much as linked vaccines to autism much less proven causation.

Yet the antivaxers press on because they are determined to put people in harms way.  They ignore and outright avoid the science.  They refuse to consider the available scientific data.  They find excuses and place blame upon others rather than accepting the facts, and they invent wild conspiracy theories rather than admitting that they just might actually be wrong about vaccines.

Instead of wanting to protect people from preventable disease, antivaxers seem to be perfectly fine with a few people dying here or there provided they don't give in to those "dangerous" vaccines.  So what if a few people die from complications surrounding the measles?  Who cares if someone contracts polio and is permanently disabled as a result?  What's the big deal if a few people die from cervical cancer which may have been prevented if only they had been given a vaccine?  None of that matters to an antivaxer, because antivaxers really don't care about diseases... they merely care about how many people they can convince to follow them over the proverbial cliff.

The following quote from the article seems to sum it up best:
"Whatever risks there are (to vaccination) they pale in comparison with the danger of the natural disease".

~Dr. Jorge Parada, professor of medicine and direction of the infection prevention and control program at Loyola University Medical Center

Mark my words - we will see another large scale outbreak of preventable disease in our lifetimes.  Lives will be lost, children and adults will suffer, and antivaxers will quietly slither away into the darkness without so much as acknowledging they are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Thanks antivaxers - if your goal is to kill or permanently disable a large number of people... you're doing a remarkable job.

Read the full and original article here.


  1. Would you like to read about the other outbreaks where the largest part of the outbreak was in the vaccinated? Actually 40 to over 80%. You have already seen that information, but must have through you own convenience forgotten about it. If the vaccines do not work any better than that, same thing for pertussis; and being there is information that you can get a worse case of measles if you are vaccinated and acquire measles, anyway. I think I would forgo the toxic vaccine. Do your next needed page on, original antigenic sin! Do you ever in your life look for and read any non-biased information? Never even consider it do you. Look of the result, of that.

    The personal attack and this blog is just beyond pathetic. Nauseating. Who would read it and believe you? They would have to have had their head in the pharma info only and refuse to look anywhere else nor consider anything else; just like you for it to ever fly.

    Keep up the good work, and let's see a copy of your medical records as to how many vaccines, you have actually had? Until you can as well start getting what the kids get, and prove it to be what you say it is; you haven't actually much to stand on. In your next page lets see as well some safety of aluminum adjuvants studies. I seen that duzze Paul Offit is connected to and supports, use that one. Apparently the only one he has?

  2. Mr. Hubbs I am aware there are cases of outbreaks where a percentage of those who contract the disease have been vaccinated. In some cases it is because the vaccinations were given so many years earlier that they are no longer effective, sometimes it could be because a booster was never received, in some cases it is simply because the vaccine was not effective in all people.

    Newsflash Mr. Hubbs - we know vaccines don't work 100% of the time. We have always known this, and this is why it is so important to get as many people vaccinated as possible to minimize the spread of such diseases.

    Merely because a vaccine may not have 100% success rate does not somehwo suggest we shouldn't use them. They still do prevent many diseases from spreading and they have eradicated diseases from our nation such as smallpox and polio. Those are facts Mr. Hubbs like them or not.

    I do find the humor in you asking others if they refer to non-biased sources. This is from the guy who actually cites and as trusted sources. That's good stuff right there Hubbs.

    Oh an about my medical records - sorry Hubbs, they are none of your business, but I will tell you this... I have had many, many vaccines as an adult. Do you have any idea how many vaccines are given out during basic training for our military? I've had them all plus several more.

    I'll get to your silly aluminum adjuvants eventually. I know you would move the goalposts again since the whole mercury/thimerosal thing hasn't panned out for you... so I'll humor you eventually. Then again considering you claim you don't visit this blog (even though you have a shortcut to it on the quicklinks in your browser) I'm not sure why you seem to care what my content is focused upon.

  3. And a couple more things, you just go ahead and start on that aluminum adjuvant safety issue and you will find out exactly how humorous it all becomes. I how how distorted and lying about the information you can get; but do you think you can actually get away with lying that badly? You want to deal with science; you better start getting your nose in the science because that is the largest issue with vaccines that exists. The new designer adjuvants are causing as well even more compounding problems than the aluminum adjuvants have.

    As far as what is in any quick links in my browser; as far as that screen shot you were sent and knowing that; that has nothing to do with the actual use of it, and as well it was not me that placed it there, but the actual owner of the computer I was using at the time, for convenience and security reasons, so as not to risk spoofed onto the net links.

  4. "How much proof would it take for you to get it through your head that polio and small pox vaccine never eradicated polio nor small pox? And how many times would you need to see it and have it put in front of you?"

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but your biased views and various links to fellow vaccine conspiracy theorist websites does not serve as "proof". Try as you might, you cannot rewrite history. Diseases don't just magically disappear on their own.

  5. As to your earlier comment Mr. Hubbs, the science speaks for itself. I find it comical that even before I've comment on aluminum adjuvants you are already trying once again to move the goalposts to "designer adjuvants". Par for the course for antivaxers I guess... they aren't exactly known for being honest.

    Nice excuses about your browser links though... but we both know you are lying (again). Now why don't you follow your own advice and stay away from this blog if it bothers you so much. I really don't feel like responding to your idiocy on a daily basis.

  6. "I know what they are saying and claiming to on both sides, and can show anyone the real truth."

    Based upon what Mr. Hubbs... your extensive University of Google research? Sorry Hubbs, but you have no credibility. You are not an expert, you have a complete misunderstanding of science, and you have been shown to be nothing other than a conspiracy theorist time and time again. The only "real truth" you are capable of knowing is that you are a self-proclaimed expert and antivax conspiracy theorist who has never taken one single day of post-secondary training on any of the subject matter you claim to understand.

  7. "Do you think I could destroy you like I did Shaun Vuong, and he walked away, taking my deal? Oh yes, I think that is exactly what would happen to you."

    As I recall, Mr. Vuong decided to take his blog down due to HIPPA concerns which had nothing to do with you. I also believe Mr. Vuong is now finishing up med school and/or is in residency... so how exactly did you "destroy" him?

    Tell you what Hubbs - I'll let Mr. Vuong defend himself because I honestly don't know him nor do I know all the detail between you and he... but what I do know is that Mr. Vuong seems to be doing quite well while you continue to be mocked at every turn. Each and every time you come face to face with someone who actually understands science you become the brunt of a joke.

    In short Mr. Hubbs - nothing you could ever say or do would "destroy" me because you lack the intellectual capacity to even have a legitimate debate with me much less convince me to change one of my viewpoints. The one and only reason you seemed so obsessed with learning my real name is so you can show up at my doorstep or introduce me to all of those weapons you claim to have. Call me crazy, but I'm not a fan of revealing personal inforamtion to paranoid people whom I know are suffering from mental disease and whom are capable of violence. I'm also not a fan of meeting those who have a proven track record of violence against others. I wouldn't invite a convict with multiple felony convictions into my home, nor would I entertain their offers to meet. I see no value in it.

    This isn't about me Mr. Hubbs - and perhaps one day you will understand this. This is about ensuring anyone who comes into contact with you has the inforamtion available to understand who you really are, what you are capable of, and what you really know. People have the right to know the person out there who claims to know everything about vaccines is nothing more than a ex-con who has multiple felony convictions, a man who has spent time in the state penn, a man who believes 9/11 was an inside job, a man who believes you can cure cancer with baking soda, a man who isn't sure whether or not we ever walked on the moon, a man who works as a day laborer in a meat packing plant and a man who believes there are undetectable video cameras monitoring his ever move, "black hat" hackers infiltrating his websites and computers, people following him around, and high level executives offering vast sums of money to "take him out". That is the real Lowell Hubbs, and that is the person people have the right to know. Scratch that... that is the person people NEED to know before they put their own health or the health of their families at risk via accepting the opinions of a crazed madman.

    In any case - you're once again wasting my time. I couldn't even post your entire comment due to your reliance upon profanity and whack-job websites. You claim time and time again you don't care about this blog and that you don't visit it, yet you comment here almost daily. For that reason I'll go ahead and save you the trouble.... none of your comments will be posted nor will I respond to them for at least the next 30 days. I'd suggest you take that time to find something else to focus your rage and energy upon. Meanwhile I'll just keep doing what it is I'm doing to ensure anyone interested in learning about vaccine conspiracy theorists has a place to go to help them fill in the blanks.


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