Friday, January 20, 2012

BBC News: India 'close to wiping out polio'

Lowell Hubbs doesn't believe that the polio vaccine was the reason that the US no longer has to fear polio, and he has even gone so far as to blame sugar for the polio epidemic.  I've discussed this idiocy in the past (the comments are often the best part), but for whatever reason Hubbs is still convinced that polio vaccines are worthless.

For this reason, I thought he might enjoy a recent article which explains how India is very, very close to finally wiping out polio... all due to a vaccine.

BBC News: India 'close to wiping out polio'

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  1. Mr. Hubbs, I would appreciate you submitting comments that don't include profanity for a change.

    Also, your sources are far from scientific. Blogs and websites from your fellow antivaxxers are not sufficient. The worldwide scientific community has show vaccines are effective and have saved countless lives... millions upon millions upon millions of lives. You have nothing valid to counter that other than to believe the entire worldwide scientific community is involved in some massive conspiracy.

    Sorry Hubbs, you're a legend in your own mind. You can claim I "lose" a thousand times, and you can repeat your grammatically incorrect mantra of "to [sic] much to lose" a million times and it won't make either of those two statements a fact.

    Science is not a matter of winning or losing. Science is a matter of proving the truth and determining the facts - and it is time you figure that out instead of continually searching for quacks to support your anti-science viewpoints.


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