Monday, November 14, 2011

More Broken Promises From Lowell Hubbs

About a month ago (October 14, 2011 7:48 PM to be specific), Lowell Hubbs left the following comment on a previous blog post:

"Watch me get bailed out next week on a million dollar bail, if you think nothings [sic] true! Keep watchin [sic] the news."  ~ Lowell Hubbs
Well, I must say I was curious, but once again it appears to have been just another broken promise from Mr. Hubbs as nothing ever came to fruition and to the best of my knowledge Mr. Hubbs has not been in the news lately.

I'm not sure what he thought was going to happen or if he was planning on a major crime spree, but perhaps even more comical than Mr. Hubbs' growing list of broken promises is the fact he somehow feels he is capable of finding the financial resources to get bailed out when the bail itself is a million bucks. Seriously? I'm pretty sure a $1,000 bond would be out of his range, so how he feels he can come up with seven figures is beyond me.

Hey maybe I'm wrong... maybe meat packing plants pay better than I thought?


  1. As usual you are not to smart. Just go on scratching your head about that. Unless they come up with a vaccine for stupid and/or to prevent your ignorance and confusion, Costner; it looks your just flat out screwed. I liked the "Quack Duck" in the doctor outfit and holding a cat that was posted here in replacement for this page about 10am today. There were some quite interesting captions about you. Is that really true? To bad it disappeared a while later. You said there were no hackers. How can that be when they have been right in your blog doing that and it clearly was not a spoof site. Amazing denial of all.

  2. Mr. Hubbs, with all due respect... do you even understand why writing "you are not to smart" is incredibly ironic?

    Do I really need to spell it out for you? I would hope not.

    In any case it appears you are still trying to convince me that my blog has been hacked, but you seem to the be the only person who ever sees these magical blog posts and images you complain about. So am I supposed to simply take your word for it considering you never have any proof and nobody else seems to have ever seen any evidence?

    Call me skeptical Mr. Hubbs, but you haven't proven yourself to be the most trustworthy character. You're a known conspiracy theorist who believes there are hidden cameras watching your every move, that the government is monitoring your actions, that hackers are out to get you, that people are following you, and that people have paid vast sums of money to "take you out".

    Yea... sure thing Mr. Hubbs. Just out of curiosity, do you have ANY evidence of any of these conspiracy theories? Screenshots? Videotape of people following you? Pictures of black helicopters or of the super secret hidden video cameras that are in your apartment watching your every move?

    Yea I didn't think so.

  3. For the record Mr. Hubbs, one might think in any of the dozen comments you have left (or attempted to leave) thus far today you might actually comment on the actual post.

    I guess you realize your lies are once again catching up to you so you are trying to change the subject back to hackers. Seems fitting. So much for watching the news and a million dollar bail huh Mr. Hubbs?

    Another day... another unsupported statement left by Lowell Hubbs.

  4. I have a screen shot picture of your blogs latest findings. It may be there by use of an external hack script because it comes and goes, however that is unknown. The previous to this changed images were derogatory in your direction; this one being the opposite.

    My blogger account was hacked into about 2 pm today Sunday so will not be using that to reply, just in case they are in your account. If you have any replies that use my blogger account after that time today, you may be well advised that it was not me.

  5. That is a nice fake image you created there Mr. Hubbs. How long did it take you to piece that together?

    I suggest you read the latest blog post:


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