Thursday, July 21, 2011

Could a Lack of Vitamin D Lead to a Higher Risk of Autism?

I came across a very interesting article surrounding vitamin D.  Although the basic premise of the article was that humans aren't getting enough vitamin D, it goes on to discuss a potential link between a lack of vitamin D and autism.  Specifically, the following paragraphs caught my eye and I felt they were worth sharing:
"Many researchers now fear that the explosive increase in autism is a result of pregnant mothers having close to no vitamin D in their bodies and then young babies and infants being similarly shielded from the Sun. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that virtually no infants are getting enough vitamin D. The inadequacy figures, even using the CDC's pre-2011 lower recommendations of what they thought the body should have, was that 90 percent of infants are deficient.

According to Cannell, the highest autism rates occur in areas that have the most clouds and rain, and hence the lowest blood levels of vitamin D. A Swedish study has strongly linked sunlight deprivation with autism. Moreover, blacks, whose vitamin D levels are half those found in whites living at the same latitudes, have twice the autism rates. Conversely, autism is virtually unknown in places such as sunny Somalia, where most people still spend most of their time outdoors. Yet another piece of anecdotal evidence is that autism is one of the very few afflictions that occur at higher rates among the wealthier and more educated - exactly the people most likely to be diligent about sunscreen and more inclined to keep their children indoors."
The full article can be found here.

The author ensure he states this is anecdotal evidence, and nobody is attempting to present this as peer-reviewed science here, but clearly there is a need to continue to research this to determine if there is any merit.  There has been some science which has been published regarding the rates of autism in various geographical areas and how areas with more clouds and rain tend to have higher rates, so perhaps there is something to this. 

We obviously won't see scientists running out claiming that a lack of vitamin D causes autism anytime soon, because that isn't how real science works.  That said, I would not be surprised to see studies that pursue this hypothesis even further than the existing research that has been published thus far.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that such studies are already underway.

I do question what the antivaxer response would be to this theory however as it somewhat puts them in a difficult position.  Most antivaxers are not only against any and all vaccinations, but they are typically very, very pro-nutritional supplement.  Since they commonly promote various supplements as being able to treat and/or cure practically anything that ails the human body, I'm sure some of them would just love to start selling massive new name brand formularies of a common vitamin D supplement.  In fact - some of them already have (albeit with a MASSIVE amount of asterisks informing you their claims have not been evaluated by the FDA etc).

I'm not going to suggest taking a vitamin D supplement is a bad thing by any means, but for those who have a climate that allows, it goes without saying that the best way to get vitamin D is through natural sunlight.  In colder climates taking a supplement may be necessary in the winter months etc, but when possible it is always better to take advantage of mother nature not only because it is more efficient, but because it is free... and no matter what the economy is doing, free is always a good thing.

As to Mr. Hubbs, he is convinced vaccines cause autism, so he apparently will ignore any such theory which goes against the idea, which suggests in this case he will doubt the power of vitamin D.  Of course Mr. Hubbs has tried to blame autism on thimerosal in the past (a theory which has been entirely discredited) and he has attempted to blame autism on the MMR vaccine (another theory which has been entirely discredited), so if we have learned anything about Mr. Hubbs it is that he will ignore science at every turn in order to hold on to a scientifically unsupportable position. 

If the growing mountains of evidence are any indication of what the future holds in terms of determining the root cause of autism, the next few years will not be kind to Mr. Hubbs and his fellow antivaxers.  That being said, if someone is really concerned about their children being diagnosed with autism they would be a lot better off by giving their child a vitamin D supplement than they would by trying to skip a vaccine or two if for no other reason than we know what a lack of vaccines can result in, and nobody has ever blamed vitamin D for millions of deaths each and every year.


  1. Lowell Hubbs and his kooky ideas are sometimes humorous, bu I really do appreciate all of the autism and vaccine information you provide. Posts like this one really do inform us of things we otherwise would probably never hear about.

  2. Conspiracy theorist huhh? I see and hear they are now coming even out of CA. Well, we will see how THAT works out; the boys are already on it. And you and they have no idea what they are ****ing with! You piece of putred ****, you have been the fuel to this endless fire all along; you have absolutely no idea; or do you. Get prepared for a WAR! http://www.**************/ **** YOU!

  3. I have allowed Mr. Hubbs's comment above to be posted (with a couple of edits) to show a few things. His original comment was submitted at 2:05AM on 07/25/11.

    First it is obvious Mr. Hubbs is still acting like a child and cannot respond in an adult-like manner without the continual use of profanity and insults (which I have had to edit out of his message to even make it fit for publication).

    Second, it displays the fact that Mr. Hubbs still has a paranoia complex and believes people are out to get him.

    Third, the fact that Mr. Hubbs continues to send in numerous comments almost on a daily basis tells us that he doesn't appreciate a site he cannot manipulate and control or one where he isn't allowed to monopolize the conversation. This also tells us that Mr. Hubbs continues to display his dishonesty as he has stated in the past he would offer no more responses to anything on this blog, and yet with each post come a dozen comments from Mr. Hubbs - some displaying what could only be described as hate speech filled with random threats. Yet he wonders why nobody will ever agree to debate him in public and why people don't offer him their real names when he displays such dangerous behavior.

    Something tells me Mr. Hubbs has already worked through the first draft of his personal manifesto.

    Stay classy Mr. Hubbs!

  4. There, there Lowell. You need to calm down a bit there son. Must have gone off his anti-anxiety drugs again. Up the dosage Lowell!

  5. Vitamin D is only a piece of the puzzle, there is also another study on the autism blog suggesting the weight of the mother and the age of the father as possible contributers.

    The whole picture I believe which I think supports my theory of undiagnosed thyroid in mothers, vaccine as contributers to autism and a range of health problems are directly linked to our endocrine system.

    It is the health of the endocrine system which is our hormonal health our bodies engine which tells each of our organs what to do it is also important that it is functioning well for growth and development brain and gastrointestinal tract maturation and the regalation of heavy metals ie copper and mecury, our immune system, our fertility, metabolism.

    Our endocrine system is in charge of all these functions and many more. It is the mothers immunity we mostly inherit in combination with the fathers and her overall health status is passed on to the child.

    However the study on the weight of the mother could be due to a thyroid problem if you look up diseases of the endocrine system you will see obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name a few.

    The age of the father and an ageing endocrine system is an indicator as well which affects his fertility. Therefore the health of his sperm maybe compromised there is other research to support the age of the father in regards to downs syndrome.

    If you get familiar with what thyroid does untreated to your body the symptoms are many. It is like a domino affect our endocrine system does more than you can imagine. Our endocrine system is fundamental for our overall health and wellbeing mentally and physically.

    In regards to the vitamin D deficiency once again this is also a symptom of a thyroid condition as well as the conversion of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals are also compromised because of this condition.

    My conclusion is that by looking at the endocrine system of the mother will you be able to detect whether she has a thyroid condition. If there is a thyroid problem with the mother then treatment is necessary but thyroid is hard to detect and many people go undiagnosed. Statistics suggest that more than half the population may have a thyroid problem.

    The mother who has undiagnosed thyroid who then passes on her immunity to her child will compromise the immunity of her child, their growth and development their brain and gastrointestinal tract maturation and the regulation of heavy metals ie copper and mecury etc all that I mentioned previously above.

    This then compromises and does not protect the child to take on the brunt of vaccines which could be considered stressing which sickness can do to the body even in small doses which in turn only disrupts the function of the child's endocrine system by putting direct stress on the adrenals which creates a cycle of health problems.
    Vitamin D and thyroid study
    Symptoms of thyroid Adrenal health and function

    1. What you have here is an opinion or hypothesis. The next step would be to test your hypothesis in order to prove it is a valid theory.

      Having a hypothesis is a good thing… This is what leads to scientific discovery. However we must be careful to not present our opinions as fact until the science leads us to that conclusion.


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